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Jason Gregory,
Director of Visionarys Inc Ltd
"In 2006 I was at a cross roads In my Life.. I Knew  I wanted success but it was NOT going to come from doing a 9 to 5! This is when I found the Home Based Business industry and I have not looked back"
About "Visionarys Inc Ltd
This is the company that I started as my Home Based Business began to grow. Since then, it has been the umbrella under which I conduct all of my activities. From my Mindset courses to The Wellness Products I sell. Straight through to my Attraction Marketing Courses where I show struggling Home Based Business Owners how to get better results using Social Media. Also my Wellness Opportunity itself, it all goes through Visionarys Inc Ltd
Quote                           "What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve!" 

Video 1:  Give Life The Rope A Dope

Things To Think About While Watching These 3 Videos

  • How to deal with the challenges of life in an effective way
  • How fear can be your worst enemy BUT it can be turned completely around
  •  How success is in your hands if your WHY is strong enough
  • ​Learn how DAY 1 people operate and HOW they find other DAY 1 people
  • Understand how VALUABLE you are and what you are able to achieve
  • ​See how ONE decision can change your life and the lives of the people around you
"I first met Jason at a hotel meeting in 2005 and since then he has gone on to build a very successful business. He is not only someone I have worked with, he has become a very valued friend and someone I love being around and admire greatly.."

Eric Vill
European Chairman 
(Birmingham, UK)
"On FIRE Jason! Love the passion and vision! Keep the DAY 1 mindset. Secret to success I believe! Once again you were fantastic. You truly have skills with communication and leadership. You deserve the best!"

Ryan Montgomery
(St Louis MO USA)
"I attended a training seminar that Jason conducted at an Int'l conference last summer. I came away from the training feeling very motivated and realizing, even though I have had a level of success in my business, I can still improve and help others to achieve their goals. Jason was every articulate and passionate and able to convey his experience and thought in a very understandable, exciting  way. Thank you Jason"
Owner - CMG LLC


Video 2

Being A DAY 1 Person

Video 3

The Reality Of Success

About ME
After completing a BA Hons Degree in Business Administration and Marketing, I Ended up in IT. Not My intention, but I heard that was where the money was!.....
I created a lifestyle around my income BUT... I hated my job and I was not happy. 
You may be able to relate...

I was looking for a change, at the time I was married with a daughter and I wanted to spend more time with them than with my boss.

I came across the Home Based Business industry and I have not looked back ever since. 

I am still with the same company I started with in 2006 and I became one of the international trainers with the company. 

The lifestyle that I have today I would have never got if I would have remained in corporate business development in IT. Granted I would have continued to make a very good income, BUT I would have never had the same amount of time freedom and lifestyle.

I am able to  have a greater impact on people's lives, and see the hope come back into their eyes. I have made friends that I will know for the rest of my life and I have shared valuable, priceless experiences with them.

I work very closely with my team and I have established some simple tools and processes that make it a level playing field for anyone who chooses to join the team. We have a laugh and do not take ourselves too seriously, HOWEVER we take our businesses very seriously.

As like every active distributor, I am always looking for that next wave of leadership, so if you are open to seeing what I do, CLICK the button below to be given an overview of my opportunity.. 
Testimonials Of Jason's Training
"When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear!"

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